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安保 英文

Security personnel Security staff

security guard或简称做security

Security Supervisor 安全主管 也可以翻译成 安保主管


就叫 bouncer bouncer 英 [ˈbaʊnsə(r)] 美 [ˈbaʊnsɚ] n. 保镖,门卫; 跳跃物; 庞然大物; [例句]You talked to the bouncer? 你和保镖谈了? [其他] 复数:bouncers

I need some security information

Guardence 是GD

ADEN Services Limited company security personnel. 埃顿服务有限公司安保人员。

security dept,security wing,security office,

简写: ISPS INTERNATIONAL SHIP AND PORT FACILITY SECURITY CHARGE 国际船舶和港口安全费用,分为CSF和TSC CSF: Carrier Security Fee 船东安全费用 TSC: Terminal Security Charge 码头安全费用


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