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合影 英文

我能跟你合影吗 May I take a picture with you? 不好意思,我就会这两句英语 I am sorry.. I only speak these two sentence.. 祝你玩的愉快 Enjoy your stay! 楼主你要邀请他人拍照吗?建议“不好意思,我就会这两句英语”这句话不要说,我可以...

may I take a picture together with you?

May I take a picture with you?

Can we take a photo together? 望采纳

我想和你合影,英语是:I want to take a photo with you. 句子解释: want 英[wɒnt] 美[wɑ:nt] v. 想要; 希望; 打算; 需要…在场; n. 需要的东西; 缺少; 贫穷; [例句]I want to say how really delighted I am that you're having a baby ...

你可以问:Excuse me.May I take a photo with you? 外国人有可能会说:“Sure!” 你就要说:“Thank you”或“That is very kind of you!”

Can / Could / May we take photos with you ? 分析: 1、固定用法: take photos 照相 2、这是一句主谓宾结构的简单句,根据句意用一般现在时,且是征求意见的句子,用could / may 语气较委婉。 3、句子成分分析: 主语:we 谓语:can/could / ...

英语是:May I take a picture with you? 句子解释: may 英[meɪ] 美[me] aux. 可以; 会; 也许; 但愿; n. [May] 五月; 山楂属植物; (五朔节装饰用的) 绿枝花枝; (春天开花的) 绣线菊属植物; [例句]We may have some rain today 今天可...

May i take a picture with you?

一般可以这样说: May I take a picture with you? 更客气点: Would you please take a picture with me? I wonder I have the pleasure to take a picture with you


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