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热处理 英语

heat treatment 英[hi:t ˈtri:tmənt] 美[hit ˈtritmənt] n. 热处理 [例句] Solid solution heat treatment and hard drawn technology have been used to manufacture303HS cutting austenitic stainless steel hexagonal b...

进行热处理 Heat treatment treatment的意思、解释 复数形式:treatments; n. 1. 处理; 对待, 待遇2. 治疗; 疗法;诊治3. 处理,讨论,论述4. (净化或防治)处理,加工5. (电影)剧本大纲 treatment的用法例句 1. Of course students will writ...

中文名称:调质 英文名称:hardening and tempering; quenching and tempering 定义1:调整钢综合力学性能的热处理工艺,即淬火后又高温回火的双重热处理。 定义2:钢件淬火及高温回火的复合热处理工艺。

调质热处理 [网络] thermal refining; quenched-tempered heat treatment; 处理 [词典] handle; manage; deal with; dispose; [例句]对她身上的伤口和淤伤进行了处理和治疗。 She was treated for cuts and bruises.

例句: 众多锻造精良、热处理规范、加工精细的转向节臂、摇臂、随动臂、摆臂等品种,可为载重车、乘用车广泛地提供所需型号的配套件。 Lots of well-forged, normatively heat-treated, and elaborately-processed steering knuckle arms, pitman...

翻译为“Metal material and heat treatment”

工程材料及热处理 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : Engineering Materials and its Heat Treatment

Is fire 正火;annealing 退火;quenching淬火;tempering回火;carburizing渗碳;Permeability nitrogen渗氮。

退火、焼钝、Annealing; 回火、焼戻し、tempering; 淬火、焼入れ、hardening; 正火,正规化、normalizing。

While performing thermal treatment, at least 2 thermoelements are required to be installed on the thermal treatment material, and the positions weather help the temperature to increase or decrease need to be taken into consider...


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