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Bruno MArs%GrEnADE 类似的歌

Bruno Mars嗓音很独特 辨识度高。 建议楼主听听:it will rain young girls nothing on you都不错。

just the way you are(成名曲) grenade it will rain(《破晓》片尾曲) the lazy song talking to the moon marry you runaway baby lighters today my life begins Nothing on you

just the way you are somewhere in brooklyn count on me nothing on you marry me tailking to the moon 都是小清新的 it will rain grenade ranaway baby比较虐 don't give up lighters the other side the lazy song也经典 我个人喜欢: all ...

count on me all she knows just the way you are

Easy come, Easy go That's just how you live, oh Take, take, take it all, but you never give Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss had your eyes wide open, Why were they open? Gave you all I had and you tossed it i...

我觉得那个钢琴可能是BM和那个女的的定情物,然后他本来就发现那个女的不忠,然后把钢琴拖到她家门口,发现她在和别的男的搞很伤心,以死来表达他对她的爱,其实歌词中也说明了这一切: Take take take it all,But you never give你拿走我的一...

新专辑的 When I was your man 早的还有Talking to the moon never say u can't

《Grenade》 歌手:Bruno Mars 作词:Bruno Mars / Philip Lawrence / Ari Levine 作曲:Bruno Mars / Philip La 所属专辑:《Grenade》 发行时间:2010年 歌词对照: Easy come easy go 想来就来 想走就走 That's just how you live oh 你就是...


他被hx了……理由是违规和涉嫌盗版。 被屏蔽了三首歌 分别是Grenade,Just The Way You Are,Our First Time


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