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Is she a french student or a swedish student? 这才是正确的写法,这是新概念第一册上面的句子。


what if she is angel There's a man standing on the corner With a sign sayin "will work for food" You know the man You see him every morning The one you never give your money to You can sit there with your window rolled up Wonde...

Tommy Shane Steiner What If She Is An Angel There's a man, standing on the corner, With a sign saying: "Will work for food." You know the man, you see him every morning, The one you never give your money to. You can sit there w...


Lene Marlin - Unforgivable Sinner?

she sent an email to her teacher this evening. 用过去时。

she's an american 她是一个美国人 American [英][əˈmerɪkən][美][əˈmɛrɪkən] n.美国人,美洲人; 美国英语; adj.美国的,美洲的; 地道美国式的; 复数:Americans 例句: 1. American officials ini...

She was a little monster她是一只小小的怪兽Was born in an end of Eastern出生在极东之地On her back there’s an awkward feather背上有一片不太漂亮的羽...

English 和French这里是形容词。 其实,直译过来意思是'她是英国的\法国的',咱们汉语本能的理解成了"她是英国\法国人了' 所以就容易误解成English 和French表示'人'其实不是。


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