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歌手:Bruce Springsteen 歌曲:I'M ON FIRE Hey little girl is your daddy home Did he go away and leave you all alone I got a bad desire Im on fire Tell me now baby is he good to you Can he do to you the things that i do I can ta...

Over the lights of sunset and vine We're floating away From the fortune and fame And your lips are mine They're raspberry wine Your body's a map I will follow into the sky Cause what you got Is all that I want It's all that I w...

Here we are Riding the sky Painting the night with sun Here we are Riding the sky Painting the night with sun You and I, Mirrors of light Twin flames of fire Lit in another time and place I knew your name I knew your face Your ...

歌曲名:Skies On Fire 歌手:Ac/Dc 专辑:Black Ice AC/DC - Skies On Fire Why don't you hang up, Won't you back up Will you pack up and head for higher ground, I know you and, you know me, Tell me what it is you want it to be What y...

the reason hoobastank 不知道你具体说的是什么类似 是风格还是节奏还是音高。。。觉得这首歌还不错 推荐给你

Guo 有一部新电影《冲天火》,我们会在十一月二十五日杀青。

Sky Fire 天空之火; [例句]So they lit the sky of fire, and close surveillance of these evil spirits. 于是他们点起冲天的篝火,并严密监视这些恶鬼。


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